Will the Ai Chat bot replace humans?

Chat bots are able to communicate with humans thanks to natural language processing. Technologies in this field constitute the field of artificial intelligence, thanks to them machines are able to read, analyze and interpret human language. This allows them to understand both its structure and the meaning of individual sentences, and to formulate an answer that corresponds to the question posed. The more chat bot interactions with the user, the more the machine will understand and the more fluid and natural the conversation will be. The answers to the customer’s questions are formulated on the basis of the analysis of similar queries from the past.

Effective contact with the customer 24/7

Thanks to ai chat bots, companies are able to provide immediate answers to questions 24/7. The business benefits of using chatbots are primarily related to the possibility of reducing teams, and thus customer service costs. According to the report “Professions Barometer 2019 for London”, telephone and electronic customer service employees are in the group of shortage occupations.

Chat bots are a significant support for customer service departments, incl. narrowing down the problem and suggesting a solution based on archival contact records. For example, the leader of the telecommunications industry in Switzerland receives 10,000 inquiries daily. It took a long time for consultants to handle such a large number of messages. Thanks to the SAS analytical platform, the company is able to create a more complete customer profile, based on the analysis of the history of contacts in social media, the transcription of conversations conducted via the call center and the content of inquiries. This information is used to create personalized offers. Interestingly, the system automatically recognizes and categorizes certain phrases and is able to determine whether they refer to the same type of problem.

Chat bot will not solve every problem

The customers themselves are not so enthusiastic about contacts with chatbots. According to the report “Customer in the Digital World”, a lot depends on what kind of matter the user wants to settle. Termination of the contract, return of goods or invoice questions are examples of issues that customers prefer to settle using traditional communication channels. 68% of respondents point out that electronic and traditional service channels have different functions. In their opinion, electronic ones are more effective in solving less complicated problems such as sex chat bots, while those complex clients prefer to report through traditional channels, e.g. via e-mail.