Dedicated Server Hosting

VPS Hosting Reseller

With Resellers Panel, you can effortlessly become a virtual private web hosting server (VPS) reseller by simply signing up with ResellersPanel's entirely automated reseller web hosting program, which is absolutely free to subscribe to. Thus, you will be able to sell cut-price virtual servers to your end clients, without having to buy the private virtual hosting servers yourself beforehand, which is really essential. This will spare you all the funds that usually need to be spent by anyone who wishes to become a VPS hosting reseller.

Virtual Web Servers - No Monthly Reseller Installments

Here is what each and every ResellersPanel's hosting reseller will get after a simple registration procedure on ResellersPanel's web site:
- No startup fees or reseller prepayments at all
- Resell private virtual hosting server services without having to invest money in them beforehand (no monthly down payments!)
- Settle your own hosting prices on OpenVZ and Virtuozzo driven virtual web hosting server accounts
- Take advantage of the 24x7x365 client support provision on behalf of your hosting brand name

OpenVZ & Virtuozzo Powered Private Virtual Hosting Servers

ResellersPanel's private virtual servers (VPSs) are equipped with OpenVZ and Parallels Virtuozzo virtualization consoles. They are the ideal solution for users who want to incorporate the force of a dedicated hosting sever with the affordability and simplicity of a shared website hosting solution. The Virtual Private Server web hosting environment permits a physical web hosting server to be partitioned into multiple virtual web servers that work absolutely independently from each other in terms of working environment and functionalities. With each virtual hosting server your clients will receive SSH and root level access to their own VPS server hosting environment. In addition, your VPS hosting server clients can make use of the managed VPS web hosting support solutions. At any time they desire.

Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS & Hepsia CP Based VPS Web Hosting Plans

Resellers' VPS web hosting customers can also choose from among three Operating Systems: Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS. There are 3 website hosting Control Panel tool options: Hepsia, cPanel and DirectAdmin. In this selection Hepsia is our preferred site hosting CP. Hepsia offers a remarkably impressive Domain Manager, an Email Manager and an easy-to-use File Manager. With Hepsia, resellers' clients can host unlimited domain names. Please pay heed to this disconcerting fact about the cPanel and DirectAdmin site hosting Control Panels: with them, there is no such thing as a Domain Manager. Can you believe this? Also, the Hepsia Control Panel is added by default in every private virtual web server hosting package, included at no extra charge. This fact is essential, since it saves your customers at least ten dollars/month for license taxes (cPanel resellers actually ask for 13 dollars/month, check to view it with your own eyes). Hepsia not just performs way better than the old-fashioned cPanel, but it's also included at no additional charge. Hepsia is suitable with all Linux OSs on offer with all VPS hosting packages: Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS.

cPanel/DirectAdmin CP Powered Virtual Web Server Hosting Services

Unluckily, both cPanel and DirectAdmin CPs work solely with the CentOS Linux distribution and do not have any inbuilt domain name administration tools for domain name registration and transfer purposes. That is not all. cPanel costs $10/month on top of the chosen Linux private virtual web hosting server package's cost. If you like the cPanel VPS hosting platform (we definitely are not fans of cPanel, due to the way too many user login places and the absence of domain name administration interfaces), then the extra fee of $10 dollars a month for the cPanel licence on top of the chosen virtual private web server hosting plan's price should not be an immense predicament, should it?

Weekly Backed up Virtual Web Hosting Servers

ResellersPanel's private virtual hosting server packages offer you and your Linux VPS hosting clients all the features needed to set up an entirely independent hosting environment. Your clients will even have the option to order a webspace hosting Control Panel installation. That way, they will be able to manage their virtual web server as if they were administering a typical web site hosting account. Your clients could make use of the elective support services in case they need support when installing additional custom software on their Virtual Private Server or would like their VPS web hosting server to be backed up on a weekly basis.

English, North American and Australian Based VPS Web Hosting Servers

This is magnificent. Without contributing any funds, all web hosting resellers of ResellersPanel's can market private virtual web servers that are physically situated in datacenters situated on three continents: America- in the United States of America, Europe - in Britain, and Australia. Thus covering the wealthiest 95 percent of the world's population. Extremely few site hosting wholesalers like LONEX.COM HOSTING, for instance, provide multiple data center facility locations. Very few reseller web hosting companies such as ResellersPanel, for example, offer multiple datacenter locations. At present, of all the reseller web hosting vendors on the market, only ResellersPanel provides Virtual Private Server web hosting reseller solutions in numerous server farms: in the United States of America, in the UK and in Australia.

ResellersPanel - The Reseller Web Hosting Automation Virtuoso

ResellersPanel should probably be referred to as 'Mr. Has It All' - when it comes to different kinds of domain and hosting solutions being offered at one and the same place. The virtual hosting servers are not the sole hosting service you can offer with ResellersPanel at wholesale prices and on behalf of your own web hosting brand name - you can also resell semi-dedicated servers and dedicated web hosting servers, shared hosting packages, domain names and SSL certificates.