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"Once again, thanks for all this. We do work with some blue chip UK corporate clients and you can guarantee that I will be recommending your services in the future. It is unusual to get this sort of support in the UK and, although I have traveled widely in the USA, I still find your service to be of a premier standard in a country where service levels are known to be high."

David - Oxfordshire, UK

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DedicatedServerCity Support Center

DedicatedServerCity Support Center can be reached via our 24/7 customer service phone number or 24/7 support ticketing system. Please note that as a self-managed server not all support is free. Below you will find a list of services that are included for free and what services you will pay for on a per ticket basis. Each support ticket is $15 and will be automatically charged to your account.

  Network Uptime Guarantee
  Hardware Replacement Guarantee
  FREE Operating System Reloads
  FREE Server Reboots
  24x7 Support Center
  24x7 Support Ticketing System
  Hardware Troubleshooting
  Network Troubleshooting

  Control Panel Troubleshooting
  Apache / IIS Troubleshooting
  Email Troubleshooting
  MySQL / MS SQL Troubleshooting
  FTP Troubleshooting
  DNS Troubleshooting
  OS Patching Request
  Vulnerability Checking

If you have any technical support requests or account issues, please use your Customer Login or
call 800-778-9904, then select 2 for Customer Support.

Self-Managed Means?

Self-Managed hosting means you manage/configure the server applications while DedicatedServerCity manages the server hardware and network. You will have full root (Linux) access or administrator (Windows) access to install, configure, and managed all base applications as well as any 3rd party applications you desire.

DedicatedServerCity will monitor and manage the server hardware and network which we back with our SLA. We gaurantee the network to be up 99.;9% of the time and to replace any hardware failures within 2 hours.

However, self-managed hosting does not mean you are on your own. If required, we can provide you assistance through our ticket-based support center to help you troubleshoot your server.

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