Ranking the Best Dedicated Server Hosting Companies of 2018

We have gathered the list below to bring you the best value dedicated server plans available, based on expert editorial reviews, user reviews, features and performance statistics. Reliability, security, flexibility, customization and resources – there is simply no better option than dedicated server hosting.

Why Get Dedicated Server Hosting?

Most suited to websites that maintain a high flow of traffic such as eCommerce sites or large businesses, Dedicated Server Hosting is achieved by leasing a very powerful computer to be used exclusively as a network server for your website only. The server is stored in a data center owned by the web hosting company, and makes your website accessible to to the world wide web.

Dedicated Server Hosting 2018

Why buy Managed Dedicated Server Hosting?

If you (or somebody you employ) have the necessary time, technical knowledge and resources to update, optimize and maintain it, your website can greatly benefit from the granular control of an unmanaged Dedicated Server. With these plans you are fully responsible for the configuration and remote operation of the server you are renting. Extra technical support may be available from the hosting provider, but usually this will incur an additional fee.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting However, if you are somebody who just wants it to work so that you can concentrate fully on your website/business and its content without worrying about your server, then a Managed Dedicated Server plan is what you need. Managed plans include everything your website needs, including support and assistance, and it is the responsibility of the web hosting company to do all they can to ensure that your website remains available online.

Typically, web hosting companies that provide Managed plans offer 24/7/365 customer support, server administration and performance maintenance. Enhanced security functions, professional database management and comprehensive backup services are often also included.

It’s an important decision, but don’t worry; you are normally able to upgrade to a managed plan from an unmanaged one if you deem it appropriate to your needs. There are also Partially Managed plans that can provide routine server resets and service as well as support during business hours.

What to look for in a Dedicated Server Hosting plan?

Particularly if you are leaning towards a cheap Dedicated Server plan, important aspects to consider before the price are:

Operating System (OS) – is it one you are comfortable with? Less relevant in the case of Managed Plans.

Bandwidth – how quickly can information travel in and out of your server? This will affect loading times experienced by your visitors.

Hardware – is the computer up to the task?

Storage – is there enough space for your website, both now and in the future?

Data backup – if the server breaks, will your data be promptly and fully restored?

Monitoring – how often and how thoroughly will your server be checked for problems?

Technical support – look for knowledge, availability and attitude.

The recommended Dedicated Server Hosting plans at the top of this page are known for providing reliable and flexible solutions. Ask the above questions to any web hosting companies you are considering trusting with your website and your money. Request some websites that they already host for references and read their reviews before you sign up.

Through researching your options on this site, you will find not only a cheap dedicated web hosting plan, but one that perfectly matches the requirements of your particular website. The list at the top of this page can guide you, and if you know your requirements you can conduct an advanced search of Dedicated Web Server Hosting providers.

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