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"Because our application is time sensitive, we used to get lots of complaints from our users from our previous provider. Your network is definitely screaming. I have not had any complaints from my users since I moved to your company. Thank you!"

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DedicatedServerCity Data Center

DedicatedServerCity is housed in a multi-million dollar Class A Data Center located in Boston, MA, and is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Staffed with a highly trained team of experienced professionals, and equipped with a wide variety of state of the art software and hardware solutions, this team has what it takes to make DedicatedServerCity's network among the most reliable in the industry.

Data Center Features

• Multi Tier-1 Bandwidth Providers • Access Controlled Facility • Redundant Power Feeds
• 24/7 Network Operation Center • 48U - 84 inch Full Cabinets • Conditioning N+1 Redundant UPS
• State-of-the-art Network Equipment • Each Cabinet is Fully Enclosed • N+1 Redundant HVAC System
• Zero-Downtime Network Guarantee • Metal Mesh Front and Back • Pre-action Fire Suppression System

Data Center Security

Datacenter access is physically isolated from everyone but level three technicians. Public access is strictly forbidden. The datacenter is completely locked down at all times.

The facility is under video surveillance and monitored 24x7x365 by the NOC. Furthermore, all equipment is housed in locked cabinets to provide the highest level of security to your server(s).


The Datacenter has thirteen (Leibert) industrial-grade air-cooling units. Each with their own independent (lycol) feeds providing 300 tons of cooling and moisture control.

Furthermore, elevated flooring as a plenum airflow space allows cool air to be dynamically directed wherever needed rather than relying on fixed ductwork. 22 foot ceilings allows natural convention to carry heat up and away from equipment where it can partially dissipate before requiring cooling.

Power & Generators

The Datacenter facility sits at the intersection of two separate metropolitan power grids drawer from two distinct cities each supplying 13,800 volt service.

In the extremely rare event that both municipalities lose power concurrently, the facility is backed up locally by dual (catolite) 1500 kilowatt generators. Both the primary and backup power supplies are buffered through a pair of United Power 18000 amp hour Uninterruptible Power Supplies.


DedicatedServerCity utilities InetServices network in order to guarantee 99.9% Network Uptime. The network consists of multiple Tier-1 bandwidth providers connected in a fully redundant architecture running on state-of-the-art networking equipment.

With (2) OC-12's, (2) OC-3's, and (1) Gigabit Ethernet upstream connections, DedicatedServerCity has access to nearly 3Gb/s of Internet capacity.

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