Chat bot artificial intelligence that makes work easier

All inventions are made to improve or simplify certain processes or activities. New technologies try to relieve people from unnecessary work as much as possible. So why should we not use it?

Ai Chat bot is an ideal invention for companies with websites or fan pages, because it is software whose task is to conduct a dialogue so that the interlocutor is convinced that he is communicating with a human being. It is a very quick way to provide the user with information or an answer to his question, and thus to automate the Customer Service Office, whose employees do not have to answer repeated questions again.

The virtual advisor provides round-the-clock interaction that users appreciate as they get feedback immediately, resulting in more comfort and time saving for them as well.

The main benefits of launching Ai Chat bots include:

Optimization of processes and costs – the above-mentioned relieving of specialists contributes not only to the improvement of service, but also to an increase in customer satisfaction, and thus sales increases. Work performed by virtual consultants can also reduce employment costs if, for example, the company is small and cannot afford to pay for the position of a consultant. Building the company’s image and customer relations – thanks to Chat bots, you can easily build a good image of the company and friendly associations. Depending on the assumptions, bots can conduct dialogues in a characteristic, e.g. slightly humorous way, which will make the potential client remember the “conversation” for longer. Entertainment function such as sex chat bot and news alerts – Chat bots are gaining more and more functions and at the moment they look more like applications than regular chat. For example, you can build a newsletter on Messenger, and the linking of buttons will allow the customer to easily view the store’s offer or purchase a product. Bots can also regularly notify users about new products or current promotions and even run sex chat.

Market research predicts that by the end of 2022, nearly 50% of organizations in the world will be using Chat bots for customer service. Before our eyes, the communication between companies and customers is changing radically. Virtual advisers take the market by storm, operating on the basis of the latest technologies, all in order to take the best care of customers and employees.