A dedicated server for business or gaming is an independent computer that acts as a server for the customer. It is rented from a hosting company or data center and is usually billed on a monthly basis. A dedicated server is a unit physically separated from other servers, and its resources are intended for the use of only one client. Thanks to this, dedicated servers can be configured in a way that suits the specific applications of a given service recipient, and their operation is not dependent on other customers.

Dedicated server for Business and Gaming

There are products on the hosting services market that meet the requirements of almost every customer. Among the most popular forms of hosting (shared hosting, VPS server, cloud server), it is customary to consider that the best option for the most demanding companies are dedicated servers.

A dedicated server will work for people who are looking for stable solutions, and their websites generate a lot of traffic. The parameters of dedicated servers allow for quick access to large amounts of data and their instant transfer. A dedicated server is a very good solution also for customers who want to outsource the maintenance of the website, which is the main channel for the sale of goods and services. In such cases, an experienced data center proposes this alternative, knowing that the stability of the sales side is a priority, and in the event of a possible failure, the server repair time will be much shorter than in the case of other solutions.

In addition to the size of the business or type of activity, the nature of the data itself is an important factor influencing the choice of a dedicated server. If the customer has sensitive data (confidential information about the company, personal data of customers and employees), information security becomes one of the main priorities of the hosting service provided.

Is a dedicated server worth it?

The times when prices for dedicated servers were unavailable to most companies are gone. Strong competition in the IT sector and the development of data storage and transmission technologies have made it a solution within the reach of any prospering commercial project. The ever-lower prices of the dedicated server service, combined with the growing experience of data centers and higher customer requirements, make it an option that is increasingly chosen by customers, with great development potential in the near future.

Advantages of a dedicated server.

When you employ over 50 people in your company and constantly develop your business, it’s time to think about a dedicated server. Dedicated servers guarantee reliability – you can also configure the system and settings yourself. For one monthly fee, you also get a multitude of other benefits – the big advantage is that you don’t have to take care of the physical machine yourself. Adequate cooling, emergency power supply or ventilation are just some of the elements that need to be especially taken care of – this problem does not apply to you when renting, because the service provider takes care of the appropriate conditions in the room where your server is located.

Scalable dedicated servers are a great option for growing companies – you can freely expand them even after you choose the model you are interested in.

Dedicated server – advantages for your business.

A dedicated server is a proposition for all successful and constantly developing companies. Thanks to it, the company gains a lot of space for appropriate tools – with its help you cannot only remotely manage the server, but also install the operating system or additional software. What’s more, even while using the selected dedicated server option, you can expand it. Scalability is one of the biggest advantages.

Dedicated server and Security for your business.

A dedicated server is not only about above-average performance from high-quality components. Choosing such a server is associated with a high level of security – both physical and internet. As part of the package, you get a guarantee that even power outages will not damage your data – all thanks to the emergency power system. Moreover, each server receives anti-DDoS protection. If you run a sales platform, you will certainly need Super Fast SSL – this certificate is extremely important as it provides data encryption on the Internet, thanks to which the user can safely complete their purchases on your website.

Advantages of a dedicated server for the player.

Whichever type of game you like best, your own server is undoubtedly one of the most convenient options. For less strenuous games, regular hosting is enough, but with a more demanding multiplayer, it is better to choose a dedicated server for games. Custom configuration not only gives you comfort, but also allows you to control the stability of the server and constant access to settings.

How to choose a server dedicated to games.

One of the best options to give you complete control over your environment is a dedicated server. The ability to independently decide on the appropriate settings guarantees lower delays, and thus – increases the smoothness of the game. What’s more, by using the services of a reliable internet provider, you also minimize the number of dropped connections. A dedicated server will also help you extend the life of your equipment – it significantly relieves the unit during an intense game. By freeing up the resources of a computer or personal laptop, you increase the stability of the server.

Basic parameters for creating a dedicated server.

The absolute minimum is a 64 bit operating system – Windows or Linux. The most important thing, however, is that the games you plan to play are compatible with the chosen system. It is also important to choose the right disk – a fast SSD is recommended, which will allow for a much smoother game than HDD. It is also worth remembering about the optimal RAM space – at the beginning, 8GB is enough, but it’s better to bet on 16 GB – the more, the better.